Jackhammer is an Indonesian clothing company specialized in man’s work wear and apparel. Started in 2011 by four creative college buddies who have engineering background and admires fashion and every aspects behind it. We, as a team of creative youth are aware that the need a fashion has now become an integral part in people’s life, and we believe that is never enough to satisfy that need without further innovation. The idea was to build an apparel that is unique, tough durable, yet comfortable in every way.


To support the idea, Jackhammer’s product are made from the best fabrics. The chosen fabrics reflect the toughness by its own unique nature, therefore bringing the concept of engineering itself. We want to build a product that is durable and survive the age. Most of all, every piece of our product, is made only by the hands of proud Indonesia tailor to ensure its quality. Every patterns and details are carefully cut and sewn to create a masterpiece. Ours tailor uses traditional manual sewing machines that adds up the value of every piece of the products. We believe that quality is above all aspects.

Jackhammer is not just a clothing brand, it’s a concept. Inspired by the tireless engineers operating in rough workplaces from the offshore oil-rigs to construction sites, our dream was to create and apparel that suits those people who shares the same passion and admiration. Bringing the ambience of workers and engineers throughout the products and details, thus disseminating the idea that fashion is an essential part of one’s personality. Like engineering, our main key is innovation and hard work, bringing pride for our customers


Dedicated to every hard workers in town; This is Jackhammer.